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Units now being used as post surgical pressure bandage to aid in the prevention of post surgical hernias!

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CM Equine Products has spent over six years developing this non-invasive hernia belt and method of treatment, Patented device and method of treatment,  and is approved and recommended by local Veterinarians. Call us at 1-888-431-7771 or click on the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

This mare had a hernia 10" down the midline and about 4" across. After 8 weeks of treatment, which includes wearing the CM Heal Hernia belt and beginning an exercise program, the hernia is reduced and almost closed. UPDATE - after 4 more weeks the entire hernia is closed and the mare is now back to work.


Typical post-surgical hernia - click here to play video to show exercise


Here is a 12 week old colt on his first day with the belt.



This mare is looking at her THIRD surgery. After 7 weeks of treatment the 3-1/2" front hernia is now 1" x 1-1/4" in size. We discovered two other hernias along the mid-line after 2 weeks and they have also reduced to under 1". Her Surgeon tells us there will not need to be a third surgery.

Amazing Results! Here is the mare at the beginning of her treatment.
The CM Hernia Belt can also be used as a post surgical pressure bandage. UPDATE - this mare has both back hernias closed and the front area is reduced to less than quarter size. She is back to work.

Click here to see more pictures and video!



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