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This early foal training system is safe for the foal and the handler, using the natural language of pressure and release.  You are working with the MIND not fighting with the body!  It is available in sizes from newborn to adult size.  Works the same on older colts and adult horses.  Great for problem horses.

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Introducing 4 day old Khona. Click here to see clips from the NEW VIDEO Formatting for Life - Beginning Fundamentals, featuring 3 foals from 1-1/2 days old to three weeks old. that will be released in June!

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The CMTM Training System was introduced over six years ago with unbelievable success, and is recommended by top Clinicians. Systems in use today at private homes, breeding farms and Thoroughbred Ranches. This system of early foal training is safe for the foal and us humans! Stop possible head and neck injuries for your foals. The system provides safety for one person to use and provides a more natural way to teach the foal to be with you, not be lead by you. "WORK WITH THEIR MIND, DON'T FIGHT WITH THEIR BODY" Available in Small (0-300lb), Mediium (80-600lb), and by popular demand, Large size (650-1200lb). Give us a call 1-888-431-7771 (outside US 951-278-1042) or e-mail we would love to talk with you.
Click to listen to Marge's interview with Rick Lamb on the CM Lead & Drive System 3-27-04
5 Day Old Arabian/Saddlebred cross colt. See how he is learning to focus on the handler, turn and from the beginning taught to stand out of our space. With gentle pulls on the lines, he begins forward motion and learns to turn with the slightest suggestion.



Here is Dianne Willoughby's 3-day old molly mule. She readily accepts the lead and drive system and instantly moves forward!

Emilie is working one of her 6 mo. old foals for the first time with the CM Lead and Drive. This foal was easy to handle, but did not want to go forward. Emilie says, "The response is immediate and with very light pressure"

Seminar in Georgetown, Texas - July 19, 2004
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click here to see the "Snickers" turn

click here to see Snickers learn "stay where I put you"

"Snickers" is a two month old filly owned by Michael & Angie White of A and M Equine Products.  This is her first time with the CM Lead & Drive Early Foal Training System and her first trailer ride to this seminar.
A and M Equine Products is an authorized dealer for CM Equine Products, see the "Dealer" page for contact information.


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