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Breast Collars and Padding available in standard adult size as well as pony sizes

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CM Equine Products is now offering a specially designed underpad for the CM Heal Belt and can be used as an underpad under  your saddle if extra padding is needed.  This material is great for sensitive skinned equine and aids in keeping the back cool.   Pricing for a wool blend pad has never been so reasonable at $ 40.00 for the adult size and       $35.00 for the pony size.       Call us at 1-888-431-7771 or click on the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

We also offer as a convenience this nice breast collar.  This breast collar is reasonably priced at $ 30.00 for the adult size and $ 25.00 for the pony size (which is used for the Foal-4 size belt).


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